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AEI currently utilizes a RIEGL VZ400 Terrestrial Laser Scanner on various job sites.  This proecss utilizes a high accuracy 3D terrestrial LiDAR unit.  The data collected will be brought into a feature extraction software, TopoDOT.  TopoDOT utilizes a variety of tools to identify adn quickly extrapolate features within pointcloud data.  All features can then be imported into an AutoCAD drawing file.  AEI can provide an accurate 3D pointcloud of terrain plus any existing building or structures.  The pointcloud can also be converted for Building Information Models.

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Allen Engineering is involved with the civil design and surveying for the new park in Palm Bay, Flordia.  This Regional Park will feature 150 full service campsite hookups and is scheduled to break ground in 2018.  We are extremely proud to be involved in this project.

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Allen Engineering is beginning its 21st year associated with the Space Coast Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).  During our 21 years, we have helped raise over $350,000 in scholarships and endowments.  We are extremely proud to be associated with SAME and its continued commitment to offer opportunities for students pursuing careers in the engineering field.


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By: Stephen R. Thompson, MD, MEd, FRCSC

  • Cooperating Associate Professor of Sports Medicine, University of Maine
  • Medical Director, EMMC Sports Health
  • Deputy Editor, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
  • Eastern Maine Medical Center Bangor, Maine
  • Cofounder and Codirector, Miller Review Course Part II, Denver , Colorado

Each olfactory cell has a number of specialized cilia that sense different chemicals and cause the cell to anxiety jitters sinequan 10 mg overnight delivery respond by generating a nervous impulse anxiety symptoms numbness in face 10mg sinequan sale. To be detected by olfactory receptors anxiety 1-10 rating scale generic 25 mg sinequan overnight delivery, chemicals must be dissolved in the watery mucus that lines the nasal cavity anxiety symptoms 4 weeks buy sinequan 10 mg with visa. After the olfactory cells are stimulated by odor-causing chemicals, the resulting nerve impulse travels through the olfactory nerves in the olfactory bulb and tract and then enters the thalamic and olfactory centers of the brain, where the nervous impulses are 197 Human Anatomy and Physiology interpreted as specific odors. The pathways taken by olfactory nerve impulses and the area where these impulses are interpreted are closely associated with areas of the brain important in memory and emotion. For this reason, we may retain vivid and long-lasting memories of particular smells and odors. Temporary reduction of sensitivity to smells often results from colds and other nasal infections. Progressive reduction of the sense of smells often seen in smokers because of the damaging effects the pollutants in tobacco smoke. In olfaction, as with all the special senses, advancing age often brings a structural degeneration that result in reduced function. It is no wonder that many older adults become isolated and depressed when their contact with the outside world, the special senses, is gradually lost. Caring health professionals recognize these signs of aging and provide assistance needed by their aged patients to enjoy life. General Sense Organs Groups of highly specialized and localized receptors are typically associated with the special senses. In the sense organs, however, receptors are found in almost every part of the body. To demonstrate this fact, try touching any point pf your skin with the tip of a toothpick. You can hardly miss stimulating at least one receptor and almost instantaneously 198 Human Anatomy and Physiology experiencing a sensation of touch. Stimulation of some receptors leads to the sensation of heat; Stimulation of others gives the sensation of cold, and stimulation of still others gives the sensation of pain or pressure. When special receptors in the muscles and joints are stimulated, you sense the position of the different parts of the body and know whether they are moving and in which direction they are moving without even looking at them. Perhaps you have never realized that you have this sense of position and movement a sense called proprioception or kinaesthesia. Lippincot Company) 199 Human Anatomy and Physiology Disruption of general sense organs can occur by a variety of mechanisms. For example, third degree burns can completely destroy general sense receptors throughout the affected area. Temporary impairment of general sense receptors occurs when the blood flow to them is slowed. This commonly occurs when you put your legs in a position that presses your legs in a way that reduces blood flow. When you try to stand up, you cannot feel you legs because the general sense organs are temporarily impaired. You may not even be able to walk because you cannot tell where you legs are without looking at them. As blood flow returns, reactivation of the sense organs may produce a tingling sensation. How does conduction along a myelinated fiber differ from conduction along an unmyelinated fiber? Name and locate the main parts of the brain, and briefly describe the main functions of each. Name the four surface lobes of the cerebral hemispheres and describe functions of the cortex in each. What are the functions of the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, and how do these compare with those of the parasympathetic nervous system? For example, the nervous system acts by means of electric impulses and chemical stimuli; where as the endocrine system has more widespread, slower, and longer lasting effects. The endocrine system also has more generalized effects on such activities as growth, metabolism, and reproduction. Hormones are released directly into the bloodstream and carried to the tissues they affect. The blood reaches all cells of the body, but only certain cells respond to specific hormones; these responding cells are unique in that they have receptors to which the hormones attach. Only cells that have receptors for a given hormone will respond to that hormone; these cells make up what is called the target tissue. All hormones are extremely potent, that is, they are effective in very small amounts. All hormones except those of the adrenal cortex and the sex glands are 205 Human Anatomy and Physiology the Endocrine Glands and Their Hormones the endocrine system consists of the glands that secrete hormones. These glands are also called the ductless glands because they secrete directly into the blood stream, in contrast to the endocrine glands, which secrete into body cavities. Operations on endocrine glands, for example on the thyroid, require care in the control of bleeding. The organs believed to have the very richest blood supply of any in the body are the tiny adrenal, or suprarenal, glands, which are located near the upper part of the kidneys. Some of the glands included in this system, such as the pancreas and the sex glands, have other nonendocrine functions as well, but hormone secretion is is one of their main functions. In addition, some body organs, such as the stomach, small intestine, and kidney, produce hormones, but since their main function is not hormone production, they are not discussed in this unit. Many of the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland are critical to the activity of target glands, including the thyroid, adrenal and gonads.

Essentially this program is for any Fire Rescue Athlete that wants to anxiety images order 10mg sinequan amex improve their level of fitness anxiety symptoms vs depression symptoms cheap sinequan 10 mg without prescription, reduce chances of injury (especially shoulder and back) get stronger and get leaner anxiety symptoms for hiv discount sinequan 10 mg fast delivery. It is so precise anxiety 6 letters generic 25 mg sinequan with mastercard, focused, and efficient that you will gain energy and clearly, enable you to fit more into your personal and professional life. Performing this unique type of exercise program regularly can even extend the active, enjoyable, and rewarding years of your life and your career. Active Warm-up Each one of the resistance training workouts will start with a short cardiovascular exercise followed by specific active stretching movements. In the past you may have skipped this part, but I assure you these exercises will help strengthen and even tone your body. The warm-ups prepare the body for movement, boosts heart rate, increases blood flow to the muscles, and core temperature. Think of this component as taking a few minutes to warmup an engine that has been sitting outside in cold temperatures all night. The main goal of this component is to improve the long-term mobility and flexibility of your muscles. By doing these exercises, you will be able to increase your strength, and flexibility, which as you know can prolong your career as a Fire Rescue Athlete. Rather than have you hold your stretches, as in traditional stretching, you move your body into position just for a few seconds and then go back to your starting position. The warm-up routine wakes up your muscles and not just for your workout, they remain flexible for the rest of the day. Generally, we will do 5 to 10 repetitions of each of the warm-up exercises; not only will it feel like part of your workout, at first it might feel like a workout itself. A Note on Stretching and Recovery As soon as you are finished with any of your training sessions either the cardio intervals or strength training, I recommend that you take a few minutes to stretch via static stretching. This is a compact tube of foam that can be used as an inexpensive selfmassager that can help heal aching and damaged muscles. I personally find that foam rolling helps reduce stress, helps get the blood flowing, and re-aligns the body. Core Training Core training brings about a proactive approach to protecting your body and joints (especially your back) from injury. A recent survey of the Miami Dade County Fire Rescue Department recently reported that 55% of their members reported current low-back pain. Lower-back problems are often associated with an imbalance of strength and flexibility of the lower back and abdominal muscles. Many physicians feel that the major cause of low-back pain and low-back injuries is simply physical deconditioning. More specifically, low endurance in the large muscle groups, particularly the back extensors and abdominals. It is the foundation of efficient movement and vital to optimizing performance and health. This program requires you to perform the core routine after the warm-ups on resistance training days three times a week. Aside from the exercises involving a stability ball, and some additional resistance (a plate or dumbbell) these exercises require limited equipment. I think we all resort back to a way we were taught in high school or college or maybe from a particular routine from a magazine. Regardless, to get better at something, especially in the appearance of your body, you have to make some sort of measurable progress. And yet, people (maybe this is you) rarely challenge themselves when they work with weights. They lift the same weight for the same number of repetitions, year in year out, never attempting to get stronger. Their bodies may make some changes for a short time but then they stop challenging themselves to lift heavier weights, and their bodies stop changing. They may have even back-slid a bit, working out less often because of the boredom and the monotonous program. We as Fire Rescue Athletes need to challenge our bodies, our hearts, our personal will, and be efficient in the gym just like we need to be on a scene. This program utilizes exercises that do just that; they will challenge every muscle in your body including the most important. The exercises are specifically chosen to challenge both your major muscles and your smaller stabilizing muscles. They look at their bodies as separate compartments as in training chest and triceps one day back and biceps the next, then legs and sparingly throw in some abs. The strength exercises will include some familiar exercises, like dumbbell chest presses but will also include exercises that will really challenge total body strength. These interval Overhauls are a combination of exercises that challenges the total body, allows me to work on firefighter skills and simulates work on the fire ground. You should choose between one of these three Overhauls after each strength training workout (as directed by the workout schedule). There are thousands of options for these Overhauls so if you are limited on equipment, create your own. I mix in 30 second rest periods where I step off the sides of the treadmill during this workout, in order to make the intensity levels more varied and higher intensity during the work intervals. For the next interval, grab two saws or heavy dumbbells; walk (with a purpose) for 30 seconds, after the 30 seconds is up, place the weights down and actively rest for 30 seconds. Use different swing positions with the sledge and slam interval (right side, left side, overhead). Overhaul Option #3 Stairs (can also be used with a Stairmaster set to a challenging pace) - this is a challenging "finisher" that works your climbing skills and throws in a little upper body core work as rest.

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Shallow breaths overwork the upper chest muscles and upper parts of the lungs anxiety young living order 75mg sinequan overnight delivery, leading to anxiety urinary frequency best sinequan 25 mg tension and fatigue anxiety symptoms uti generic 10 mg sinequan amex. Proper Diaphragmatic Breathing Lying comfortably on your back anxiety hypnosis buy 10 mg sinequan otc, place one hand on your chest and one hand on your abdomen. Take in a slow, full breath (inhale) through your nose, and feel the hand on your abdomen rise as the lungs fill with air. As you breathe out (exhale) through your mouth, feel the hand on your abdomen lower as your lungs empty. Massage Massage therapy has been shown to increase circulation, reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation. It can be particularly helpful if you have problems with rigidity, anxiety and/or stress. Massage is not a substitute for regular movement and exercise, but it can be a wonderful addition to your overall exercise program. Most drug or department stores sell items such as wooden rollers and hand-held electric massagers that you or your care partner can use. It is important to note that massage services are often not covered by health insurance. Bouncing can cause small tears in muscle fibers, and this can actually lead to less flexibility. If you are using a pillow, place it only under your head, not under your shoulders. Reach your left arm in front of you to grab the back of chair or the right armrest. A range of national and international health organizations, including the Department of Health and Human Services, the American Heart Association, the World Health Organization and others, recommend that most adults get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise, or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise. Your target heart rate is important because it helps determine your fitness level when you start your exercise program and shows you how you are progressing. Take your pulse every so often while you exercise to make sure you stay within your range. If you take high blood pressure medications, be sure to check with your physician before calculating your target heart rate. Strength training can take the form of lifting weights, using machines at the gym, using your own body weight for resistance or even using common household items like a milk jug filled with sand. As a rule, you should breathe out on the hardest part of the movement, and breathe in on the easiest part. Yoga is a self-paced activity, which means that not everyone has to perform a pose in the same way or hold it for the same amount of time. Yoga classes and private sessions are held at many fitness centers, senior centers and community recreation centers. Since there are many types of yoga, it is important to contact the instructor or the facility prior to starting a class. Tai Chi Tai chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise that involves slow, gentle movements, each flowing into the next. Tai chi incorporates posture, mental focus and deep breathing as the body is in constant motion. Fitness centers, senior centers and community recreation centers might offer tai chi classes. It is important to speak with the tai chi instructor to learn if the class will be beneficial for you. You can learn more about tai chi and other therapies discussed in this chapter from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health: Pilates the Pilates method focuses on developing strong core muscles to help build strength and teach body awareness, good posture and graceful movement. Pilates can help improve flexibility and agility and may also help with back pain. Classes are often offered at fitness centers, senior centers and community recreation centers. It is important to first speak with the Pilates instructor to learn which exercises are best for you. Dance/ movement therapists work with individuals and groups in a variety of settings. Boxing Non-contact boxing, when performed safely and in the proper setting, can be a fun and beneficial type of exercise. Working with a trainer is a good way to continue with your exercise routine once you are no longer receiving physical or occupational therapy. Encourage your therapist to review and explain your program to your trainer to ensure a smooth transition. Studies show that music can reduce stress, improve breathing and voice quality and promote self-expression. However, the right combination of exercises and new ways of moving can improve balance, limit or prevent falls and put confidence back into your stride.

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It forms the lateral wall of the nasal cavity and represents the base of the body of maxilla anxiety symptoms vs pregnancy symptoms purchase sinequan 10mg fast delivery. On the upper and posterior part of this surface presents maxillary hiatus which leads into maxillary air sinus anxiety test order sinequan 75mg overnight delivery. Broken air cells (ethmoidal): Situated above the hiatus and completed by labyrinth of ethmoid and lacrimal bones anxiety 6 letters buy 10 mg sinequan. Behind the maxillary hiatus the medial surface presents a rough area which articulates with perpendicular plate of palatine bone anxiety hypnosis 10 mg sinequan for sale. Traversing this rough area there is a vertical groove the greater palatine groove which is converted into greater palatine canal with a similar groove on the lateral surface of the perpendicular plate of palatine bone. Fractures of the Zygoma or Zygomatic Arch the zygoma or zygomatic arch can be fractured by a blow to the side of the face. Although, it can occur as an isolated fracture, as from a blow from a clenched fist, it may be associated with multiple other fractures of the face, as often seen in automobile accidents. It arises from the junction of nasal surface and its alveolar process and joins with the palatine process fellow of opposite bone to form the anterior three-fourths of the hard palate. Superior surface: It is smooth and concave from side-to-side and forms major part of the floor of the nasal cavity. At the lateral area posteriorly it presents a groove for greater palatine vessels and nerve. Opposite the incisor teeth it presents a small depression, which together with the fellow of its opposite side forms the incisive fossa. At the bottom of which there is a canal on each side of median plane called the incisive canal. Posterior border: It is serrated for articulation with the horizontal plate of the palatine bone. It articulates above with the nasal margin of frontal bone, in front with nasal bone and behind with lacrimal bone. Lateral surface: Divided into two areas anterior and posterior by anterior lacrimal crest. It projects from the junction of anterior, posterior and orbital surfaces of the body. Attachment: Origin of buccinator from posterior part of outer surface up to the first molar tooth. Maxillofacial fracture: Maxilla usually fractures as a result of massive facial trauma. Chance of leakage of cerebrospinal fluid (cerebrospinal rhinorrhea), which is secondary to fracture of the cribriform plate of ethmoid bone. Injury of the infraorbital nerve results in anesthesia or paresthesia of the skin of the cheek and upper gum. Blowout fracture of maxilla: A severe blow to the orbit may cause the contents of orbital cavity to burst downwards through the floor of the orbit into the maxillary air sinus. In this fracture a fragment of bone is depressed inward to compress or injure the brain 7. Linear skull fractures: It is the most common type of skull fracture, but fracture line often radiate away from it in two or more directions. Although, a fracture may result some distance from the site of direct trauma where the calvaria is thinner. Contrecoup or counterblow fracture: In this fracture no fracture occurs at the point of impact but fracture occurs on the opposite side of the skull. It may occur due to blow on the side of the head where thin bones forming the pterion ii. Due to fracture of the pterion the anterior division of the middle meningeal artery rupture which lies deep to the pterion iii. As a result hematoma occurs, which exert pressure on the underlying cerebral cortex iv. In a untreated case of rupture of middle meningeal artery may cause death in a few hours. The anterior border of the two lamina of thyroid cartilage is fused from the both sides to form what angle. It is a pocket like recess on the lateral wall of the larynx between the vestibular and vocal folds. It is a blind diverticulum from the upper part of the sinus extends upwards between the vestibular folds and inner surface of the thyroid cartilage. It is a pair of mucous folds projected transversly into the cavity of the larynx above the sinus of the larynx. It is a pair of mucous folds projected transversly into the cavity of the larynx Q. Opposite the level of C3 to C6 vertebrae (In children and adult female slightly higher). Length Breadth Anterior-posterior diameter Male 44 mm 43 mm 36 mm Female 36 mm 41 mm 26 mm Q. It is a hollow, muscular organ, consists of four chambers, situated in the middle mediastinum and covered by the pericardial sac, and acts as a central pumping organ of cardiovascular system. It is a conical projected part of the left ventricle which is directed downwards, forwards and to the left, situated on the left 5th intercostal space, half inch medial to the left midclavicular line. It is a notch on the inferior border of the heart, close to the apex of the heart.


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